With a total length of approximately 120 kilometres the river Gail is the third largest river in Carinthia and figures among the most important watercourses of the province.

The Gail originates in the Lesachtal valley. From there the wild and romantic rushing river flows towards its confluence with the river Drau and ranks among the most untouched and magnificent river landscapes of the entire Alpine region.

The river Gail  is not only inviting  for relaxation and swimming, it also is a true paradise for fishers.

Fly fishing eldorado “river Gail”
The fly fishing eldorado “river Gail” starts at the river bridge Podlanig/Wodmaier in the Lesachtal valley and ends 4 kilometres behind Kötschach-Mauthen  (the territory boundaries are indicated). Along the 12 kilometres you may try your luck in marked sections. In these areas it´s “catch and release” – which means that the removal of the fish is not allowed. You may use a fly rod for angling. With regards to the bait, only dry and wet flies, nymphs and streamers are permissible without any exceptions. The barb hooks have to be removed or pressed down.

Fishing area Planner
On the two kilometres stretch of the fishing district Planner you’ll find a marvellously vast fishing lake. The fishery reaches from 40 metres behind the bridge of Stranig up to 55 metres before the bridge of Oberdöbernitz and is indicated. You may fly fish with one dry fly or one nymph without barb and remove two rainbow trout with a minimum length of 28 centimetres. Graylings and brown trouts have to be spared, just like  the Danube salmon or huchen that mustn´t be removed.

Mountain lake fishing at the Zollner
At an altitude of 1.780 metres the Zollnersee with its gorgeous upland moor  can be found.  The fishing season lasts from  10th of June to the last weekend  in September. In this area the removal of three fish is allowed. Due to an agreement  by the community of Dellach with the proprietors of the approach road to the Zollnersee the access is free of charge.

Fishing details
In the above mentioned fishing grounds  it won’t be necessary to cast great distances. At the upper reaches a 7 to 8 ft. rod is sufficient, at the middle and lower reaches a 9 ft. rod is recommended. In the river Gail fisheries floating lines with WF-Tapers in the classes 4-6 will  definitely be sufficient. Due to the mostly crystal-clear and translucent water you’ll need leader-tips 0,14-0,12 for the dry service.

The fishing season starts on April 15th and ends on December 31st of the respective year.

Selection of the fly
dear hair fly, parachute, in the spring season black and rather big, in the autumn season bright and rather small, nymphs with gold heads copper like.

Aquatic animals along the river Gail
In the Lesachtal valley the river Gail provides the ideal habitat for the brown trout, the grayling and the rainbow trout. There are also plenty of sculpins thus indicating a very high water quality. The fish stock consists of wild fish only. It´s not that unusual  to catch graylings longer than 50 centimetres. Rainbow and brown trout reach  an impressive weight of far more than 2 kilos. With regard to the insects in the river: There is a big amount of caddis, stoneflies and mayflies.

In the middle reaches starting at Kötschach-Mauthen you will notice a steadier current and more even flow. There the Gail turns into a typical grayling river. Apart from brown and rainbow trout, as well as the Ukranian brook lamprey, the burbot and the bullhead are other typical inhabitants of that section of the river.

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